MAGA 2024 Red 3″ Absorbable Car Coaster


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“MAGA 2024” Patriotic Car Coasters
Gear up for the future with our “MAGA 2024″ Patriotic Car Coasters, exclusively from TrumpSuperStore. These 3” car coasters feature a flat red background adorned with a strip of stars above and below the bold lettering “MAGA 2024”. Made with high-quality materials, these coasters are not only absorbent but also durable, keeping your cup holders clean and dry while adding a touch of patriotic flair to your vehicle. Whether you’re driving around town or hitting the open road, let these coasters serve as a reminder of the movement to Make America Great Again in 2024. Join us in showing your support for President Trump’s vision for the future with TrumpSuperStore’s “MAGA 2024” Patriotic Car Coasters.

Bruce Kligman