Miss Me Yet? FJB


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Title: Miss Me Yet Blue Koozie
Main Color: Blue
Description: Get ready to stir up some laughter and political banter with our Miss Me Yet Blue Koozie! At the forefront of the design is a circular emblem featuring a grinning Donald Trump adorned with patriotic lens aviator glasses, accompanied by the whimsical question “Miss Me Yet?” flanked by the numbers 45 and 47, evoking both nostalgia and anticipation. Adding a touch of humor and contemporary satire, diagonal lines of the three letters “FJB” repeat across the blue background, offering a subtle yet unmistakable nod to current political discourse. But that’s not all—flip the koozie over, and you’ll find a Let’s Go Brandon circular emblem on the bottom face, delivering a playful twist to the mix. Keep your beverage cold while igniting conversations and eliciting smiles with this one-of-a-kind koozie design. Whether you’re at a rally, a tailgate, or simply enjoying a drink with friends, this koozie is guaranteed to be a hit among those who appreciate a blend of political wit and good humor.