Trumps Favorite “F” Word 3″ Absorbable Car Coaster


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“My Second Favorite ‘F’ Word” Car Coasters
Add a touch of humor to your car with our “My Second Favorite ‘F’ Word” Car Coasters, exclusively from TrumpSuperStore. These 3″ coasters feature a playful message that reads: “Everyone is now saying Friday is my second favorite ‘F’ word. All other days are a total disaster compared to you! Especially you, Monday. You’re a real loser. Everyone Agrees.” Accompanied by a whimsical illustration of Donald Trump peeking up from the bottom, these coasters are sure to bring a smile to your face during your daily commute. Made with durable materials, they keep your cup holders clean and dry while adding a touch of personality to your vehicle. Start your day with a laugh and upgrade your car’s interior with TrumpSuperStore’s “My Second Favorite ‘F’ Word” Car Coasters.

Bruce Kligman