Funniest Political Gag Gifts of 2022

funniest political and trump gag gifts

#1 Trump 2024 I’ll Be Back Trumpinator License Plate

Everybody loves the Terminator movies and who doesn’t want Trump back?… That combination makes this license plate an absolute riot. (And not the bad kind) This gift is sure to get a laugh or two from on coming traffic. Or slap this license plate on the back of your car and never get tailgated ever again all thanks to the TRUMPINATOR.

#2 The Sharpshooter MAGA Pack

This product actually comes with 6 items and is AIMED to make you laugh. And if it doesn’t make you laugh at least it will scare off any potential thieves. And if it doesn’t…. Well it comes with a beautiful custom let’s go Brandon P Mag for your AR 15. The pack also comes with the  hilarious combination of  we don’t call 911 sticker and I plead the 2nd. If that wasn’t enough you’ll be sure to get the respect of your local law enforcement officers by owning the support our police pin.

#3 I Think, Therefore I Am Censored Sticker

Tired of hearing your liberal neighbors telling you how your views are wrong? Tired of hearing major news outlets tell you what you should believe in and how to react? Well the “I think therefore I am Censored” sticker is the perfect humorous way to show them that you don’t care what they think. You won’t be censored. Smack this sticker on your car or laptop and watch the liberals whine and cry. 

#4 Rambo Trump Rocket Launcher Machine Gun License Plate

No Man, No Woman, No Commie Can Stump Him! The rambo trump license plate never gets old. It’s the perfect combination of being way to far over the top while still being really really funny. We showed this political license plate to 500 liberals and got zero laughs and not a single smile. That’s how you know this product deserves to make the list of funniest trump products. 

#5 Impeach Pelosi Vinyl Sticker

The impeach Pelosi vinyl sticker makes the list of funniest political gag gifts but it also could make a list for most accurate sticker designs. Let’s be honest… Nobody likes Nancy Pelosi. She is shady and has been accused by everyone under the sun for using her power for monetary gains in the financial markets. So while this sticker may be funny it’s also terrifying truth.

#6 Trump Is Full of Crap Keychain

Don’t let anyone tell you Trump Superstore doesn’t call it how it is. While we love Donald J Trump here at Trump Superstore and will do whatever it takes to get him back in office. We do understand, at times he says things without doing any research. What can we say he’s a passionate guy and loves to get his point across by any means necessary. So if you have a liberal family member that you love and want to make laugh, the Trump full of shit keychain is the perfect middle ground. Sorry Donald we had too. We still love you…

#7 Make Your Toilet Great Again Trump Toilet Brush

While this political gag gift could be taken as an insult to Trump, we choose to see it as a compliment and very funny. This gift makes our list of funniest political gifts because you can give it to a left winger and tell them its to make their toilet great again. Or tell them they need Donald to clean up all the crap. It’s one of the few products we sell here at Trump Superstore that can be funny to both sides of the aisle. 

#8 The MADA Pack; Make America Drink Again

Enjoy a good laugh and a cold beer? Look no further the MADA pack was made custom for you or that USA loving beer drinker in the family. This pack is absolutely the perfect pack to bust out at the neighborhood bbq. This pack comes with a talking trump bottle opener, two trump koozies, a vinyl sticker and a keychain bottle opener. Everyone knows someone that this pack is perfect for so what are you waiting for… bottoms up!

#9 We Don’t Call 911 Vinyl Sticker

You and I may think this sticker is funny but you know who won’t…. That punk kid pulling car doors in the parking lot looking for something to steal. Protect your car, house, computer or anything else you can put a sticker on. The we don’t call 911 sticker is the perfect combination of humor and seriousness.

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