Let’s Go Brandon: The Slogan that Changed America

let's go brandon slogan that changed america

Summary: How did Let's Go Brandon Start

On the fateful day of October 2nd the legend of Let’s Go Brandon was born. It all began after Brandon Brown finished his 300th lap of the Sparks 300 at Talladega Motor Speedway in Alabama. It was during his post race interview with NBC reporter Kelly Stavast when the crowd began to chant F*** Joe Biden. Whether or not Kelly heard the crowd properly is a story for another day…. but her response started a movement across the globe, when she turned to the crown and then back to Brandon Brown and said “hear that they’re chanting let’s go Brandon!” The rest is history…

NBC Reporter Kelly Stavast Let's Go Brandon Quote October 6th Nascar Race

How has the Let's Go Brandon Movement Progressed?

Let’s fast forward from October 6th 2021 at the Taladega track to today. To ask ourselves how has the Let’s Go Brandon movement progressed. Despite the efforts and continued chatter from the left wing of our government, the let’s go brandon slogan is still alive and well. Very well. Unlike our president. That may seem like a cheap shot but I don’t get to work from home and I paid 94 dollars to fill my pickup this morning so I believe my words are warranted. 

I really don’t spend much time thinking about it. I’m sure in a few weeks hardly anybody will even remember this…

– Jen Psaki • Former White House Press Secretary on Let’s go Brandon

To fully understand how far the let’s go brandon campaign has spread. Listen to these shocking statistics from around the world. The slogan has been chanted, as of this article being written at over 500 stadiums across 71 countries. Not a great look for the leader of the free world. It also has became a crypto currency called Let’s Go Brandon Coin…. While this coin was started purely as a joke, it has exploded onto the crypto scene and today has a total market cap valuation of approximately 200,000 dollars. Not bad for a meme coin.

Why do Americans support Let's Go Brandon?

As a proud U.S. citizen I do not condone the use of profanity towards our president no matter the agenda or which side of the aisle they reside on. With that being said I do have a let’s go Brandon garden flag outside my home and proudly display a let’s go brandon sticker on my ford. Want to know why I think its ok? Or have you already got upset and left the site… Well it’s because it’s hilarious. And its totally not profanity. Sort of…

Also for 4 years I sat back and watched citizens and news outlets mercilessly bash President Trump for everything he did, said, didn’t do and didn’t say. So I personally am glad Joe Biden is getting to experience something similar. I also think this is why Americans support the let’s go brandon movement. People were tired of hearing how Donald Trump was the devil and ruining the country and so now they get to relax and enjoy the views from the other side. 

How does the rest of the world view Let's Go Brandon?

The rest of the world depends on the United States to be a strong powerful nation. So i’m sure the Let’s Go Brandon Movement has been one that has recieved mixed reactions. Many foreign countries most likely look at this as a major issue because America is not unified under a strong leader. This could potentially give way to anarchy and chaos across the globe as we have begun to see from the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The other side of the coin is actually slightly positive. The slogan has helped inspire other countries to stand up for themselves and the slogan that was once used only to say F Joe Biden now represents a wide variety of causes. For example watch this video of protestors in Rome using the slogan.


Final thoughts on Let's Go Brandon

Honestly, I think its perfect that let’s go Brandon is developing other use cases other than just as a code phrase for republicans to express their disdain of the Biden-Harris presidency. Because when you think about it… Let’s go Brandon has absolutely no connection to Joe Biden. It’s just 3 words that took the nation and the world by storm. So I would like to encourage everyone to use Let’s go Brandon as a euphemism to stand up to whatever problem life throws at them. Todays problem may be Joe Biden but tomorrows may be different. So instead of continuing the longstanding tradition of using profanity to solve our problems let’s all just say it together… LET’S GO BRANDON!